Thursday, 22 March 2012

Baggy Economics 101

Part of being baggy is being broke.

I am broke this month.  Totally.  This isn’t a plea for donations though.  I’m doing all the things I most want to be doing and in doing them am developing a confidence around my abilities and the rightness of those things.  Sounds kinda smug doesn’t it?  But before you get to feeling all hateful towards me about it, remember, I am still broke.

Economics has interested me for a long time and in the same way some girls have hang ups about the amount of food they eat and what that does to their inner authentic core, how it sullies and damages them, I’ve had a strong belief that the more money you earn the more of your rights to be as and who you are are given up, sacrificed to the great god mammon.

I write this today because I am broke.  Because I am continuing to do the things I believe in despite being broke.  Because in doing those things a tiny shift in my perspective is prickling at the edges of my consciousness, the beginnings possibly of a belief that actually what I do has a value and for that value to be paid out in the pieces of paper that I can then exchange for cake and tea, and train tickets and vodka, and time spent engaging in and with the world might not actually be the equivalent of selling out to the devil. 

But then.  Part of being baggy is being broke.


  1. What an excellent perspective. I am also broke. We always are. But, we are also very, very happy, and that's what counts.

    Also, there's a blogging award for you over at my blog.

    1. Aww, thank you so much! Could you help a relatively new to the blogging block kid know what she needs to do to pick up said award? Looks like I have some qu's to answer but do I get to add the award piccie too??? Happy Pj day ;) xxx