Monday, 11 January 2016

Yoga wobbles, or 7 things I learned on the mat yesterday

How I definitely DIDN'T look yesterday
Credit: Take Back Your Health Conference
My first yoga class of the year happened yesterday. It was different because it was a new class, in a building I've not been to previously and, whilst the teacher is a friend of mine, she’s never taught me yoga before.

I'm sure your Facebook and Instagram feeds are probably as clogged as mine with the beautiful and the graceful sharing words of yogic wisdom as they manage somehow to take a selfie whilst also doing a headstand or wrapping their ankles round their wrists as they bend over backwards.

Now, if you're the person posting these pictures, all I can say is, bloody well done! In all seriousness I am properly impressed with you're flexibility - hurrah for you! 

If however you're like me, more of a 'wobbler', on the 'you-want-me-to-put-my-leg-where?!?' path to spiritual enlightenment, then this post is for you. Because yesterday I discovered it is possible to learn any number of mighty lessons (useful both on and off the mat) without being the slightest bit graceful or beautiful....and here they are, #nofilter #obvs:

1) When I do something for the first time I apparently totally forget to breath. Thankfully the yoga teacher is able to remind me from time to time...

2) When I go at pace of the expert in the room (which I am not) I fall over

3) When I focus on wanting to ‘get it right’ I go too fast. And then I fall over

4) When I think too much about being balanced….guess what? I fall over

5) When I close my eyes, I stop being so self-conscious. Like a small child, because I can't see the other people anymore they effectively no longer exist. And then the magic happens and I start feeling my way through the pose.

6) Feeling my way through a pose or movement is such a nice experience! It’s slow. It makes sense (even though it's far from perfect). And I don’t fall over.

7) It turns out nothing bad actually happens when I fall over (in a yoga class at any rate). So that's one less thing to worry about...(see how yoga can help reduce stress in your life?)

In short I learned....I need to remember to breath as a priority at all times, to go at my own pace, not to think too much about the thing I'm doing, to close my eyes and feel my way through awkward situations and to never, ever worry about falling over. It's a (short) form of flying after all....

So, forget about your wobbles, or at least don't let them stop you from 'going yoga'.

#yoga #NewYearNewYou #yogaeverydamnday

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